The Bills (The Bill Hilly Band) • All Day Every Day (2002)

allday_coverReleased 2002 (Borealis Records)

JUNO_Black_EN2003 Juno Award nominee

up-western_awards2003 Western Canadian Music Awad winner (Outstanding Roots Recording)


Track Listing

  1. Shostakoverture (D. Shostakovich)
  2. Francis (Frye / Atkinson)
  3. Moonshiner (Trad.)
  4. Bulkley Valley Home (feat. Jenny Lester) (Frye)
  5. Christophe (Trad.)
  6. Explorations of a Kolomeika (Trad.)
  7. Begin the Beguine (Porter)
  8. How Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm (After They’ve Seen Paree)
  9. Sicilian Tarantella / The Berlin Busker’s Polka (Trad.)
  10. Lover Come Round (Frye)
  11. Wise Man’s Reel / The Drinkin’ Age (Dolan)
  12. Covered Front Porch (Frye / Dolan)
  13. Andre de Sapato Novo
  14. Postcards (Atkinson)



— AllMusic Review

“. . . A masterful statement of boundless artistic promise.”

— Toronto Star

“The Bill Hilly Band cover a lot of ground, from Shostakoverture to straight-up bluegrass like Bulkley Valley Home. Producer Joby Baker gets the best from the gang here as he did with Mae Moore (Marc Atkinson of that group is co-producer here as well as full-time “Bill Mandolin”). Other moods encountered include klezmer (Explorations of a Kolomeika), Québécois (Christophe) and how about a Sicilian Tarantella? Atkinson’s arrangement of Begin the Beguine with Adrian Dolan’s accordion in the mix is worth the price of the CD alone. Strong in all ways.” ★★★★

— Dean Cottrill,