Thank You Cali

Well that was fun!

The Bills just had a ball, from Humboldt to Ventura counties and all points in between.  Thanks again to Dick Brundle, Red House Records, the promoters and radio hosts (Sedge Thompson, we swear Chris will never desert you on stage again!) and, of course, all the great lovers of music that came to the shows.  Together we all shook it, Bills style.

And the band managed to keep the Mexican food and the gambling under control!

Blue Lake Casino! Cancun superior Mexican - Berkeley!

Marc will be back in California next May with his Trio, so keep your eyes open for that.  And The Bills are busy booking for next Fall again, hoping to hit some great venues and festivals in October, 2014.  Tell all your favourite festival directors that the band is ready to roots and rock.

Until next time!  We’ll see a bunch of you in November in Western Canada, February in the US Midwest and May/June in the UK!

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